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Fighter aircraft

Avioniq is founded by experienced fighter pilots from the Swedish Air Force, computer engineers, a doctor in sensor fusion and a doctor in human behavior, among others.

We believe this mix of competence is ideal for developing next generation products for the military air domain. Our first product, Rattlesnake, is a decision support and threat evaluation system for fighter aircraft and ground & air based Command & Control platforms.

Decision Support and Threat Analysis


How to interpret the enemy possibilities and present this to the operator in an optimal way is our key competence area. Combining designs optimized for different operational requirements in combination with heavy calculations running on limited hardware is what our main product, Rattlesnake, is all about.

Threat Visualization

Different operators have different needs but they all have in common that descisions have to be made quickly and with confidence. Our human interaction experts know how to design user interface that help accomplish this.

Adaptive to Computing Environments

We can manage real time processing as well as preprocessed data without large data tables or processing delays using state of the art machine learning techniques.

Ease of Integration

Our solutions can be implemented in a wide variety of computing platforms, from large Command & Control computers to onboard systems.

Unmanned Aerial Systems


There is no doubt in our mind that UAS will be a key component on the future battlefield. By using products and technologies from just behind the leading edge in many different fields and combining them into a product that is tailored to the user's need we will deliver innovative products fast and reliably.

Innovative Team


Innovation is all about having the right people in the right setting doing the right things. We have gone to great length to set that up. Diversity is as important as being great at what you do. Only by working together, using our knowledge as a single entity, can we achieve innovation in an area that spans so many different disciplines.

Stefan Wilson
Lt Col Stefan Wilson
Executive Chairman
Stefan Wilson
Mikael Grev
Stefan Wilson
M.Sc.CS Martin Ohlsson
Stefan Wilson
Ph.D. John-Olof Nilsson
Stefan Wilson
Ph.D. Martin Castor
Human Machine Interaction
Stefan Wilson
M.Sc. Jonathan Borgvall
Decision Support Systems
Stefan Wilson
Jan Gustavsson