Rattlesnaq {ˈrætlsneɪk} delivers revolutionary decision support for fighter aircraft, ground & air-based command & control platforms, simulators, and more.

Superior situation awareness: AI-based software assess and interprets the threat environment, feeding critical decision support information to the operator. Indispensable in all Beyond Visual Range scenarios, Rattlesnaq offers superior situation awareness that allows the pilot to carry out his mission with supreme precision.

Force multiplier: Rattlesnaq increases the efficiency of any military airborne operation, leading to a more effective aerial combat platform overall. In realistic simulations with operational Air Force pilots, the system has proved to give significant force multiplier benefits, both in offensive and defensive scenarios.

Optimized risk/reward ratio: Verifiable AI increases survivability for the pilot by presenting threats and opportunities in the immediate battlespace with equal clarity. This delivers proximity to the enemy without increased risk, by offering a direct and safe path to the target.

Advanced threat analysis: Enemy position data is used to calculate actual threat levels on friendly forces in a novel and patented way. Continuous simulations of enemy weapon and sensor performance are conducted to present the current threat level and a simulated future.

Reduced pilot cognitive load: Rattlesnaq keeps track of the mission history and presents likely future outcomes. Data is presented in a way that closely matches the operator’s way of thinking, removing guesswork from the pilot’s workload and reducing cognitive burden.

Straightforward integration: Rattlesnaq is designed for straightforward integration into existing military aircraft systems, and development programs. In legacy aircraft that lack the necessary electronic infrastructure, information is displayed on a knee-mounted tablet.

Lower operating costs: Free up system resources while boosting performance with cost-effective investment.





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