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Avioniq was founded to confront the challenges of modern military aviation and to assist our partners in their mission to protect the open skies. Our job is to drive innovation by harnessing the skills of elite fighter pilots and leading edge software engineers – and to exploit synergies at the crossroads of these two fields.

The potential unleashed by our AI based products is staggering. Pilots and fighter controllers, who use our systems, operate with superior situation awareness and vastly improved conditions for mission success. In trials by the Swedish Government, with operational Air Force pilots, the software has proved to give enormous force multiplier benefits to military aircraft systems.

On top of this, our advanced simulation capabilities will introduce several groundbreaking qualities to Air Forces around the world. Such as the component of sustainability by reducing the number of necessary flight hours, and the power to free up resources that reverse the long-standing trend with skyrocketing hardware costs. Our products also revolutionize pilot safety. A special source of pride for us as former military aviators.

Mikael Grev, CEO and co-founder of Avioniq

Fighter Pilot DNA

Unlimited by conventions, dedicated to perfection and always in pursuit of innovation. Take a minute and see what some of the key people at Avioniq have to say about what drives us and what makes our products unique.

Mikael Grev


“Changing the rules of engagement”

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Lt Col Stefan Wilson

Executive Chairman

“Pushing the limits of technology”

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Mats Helgesson

Board member

“10-0 in every game”

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