Avioniq: Inaugural product delivery to Försvarets materielverk

Innovators in software development for aircraft in the military aviation arena pass an important milestone. Delivering the AqLabsoftware is the first important step in a far-reaching collaboration.

Avioniq is an innovator in software development for aircraft in the military aviation arena. The company was founded in 2015 by experienced Gripen pilots, computer engineers and doctors in sensor fusion and behavioural science. A unique team where cutting-edge science in artificial intelligence (AI) goes hand in hand with many years’ experience of combat aviation."This is a very important first step in our cooperation with FMV", says Mikael Grev, CEO of Avioniq. "We are already planning for the next delivery. Until then, we assist the customer in the process of installing and implementing the tool in an optimal way."

AqLab is a simulation tool for analysis and configuration of robot models. Together with Rattlesnake and AqMissile it forms an intelligent product platform, providing groundbreaking decision support for fighter pilots, air battle managers and air defence.

"We have developed AqLab with a typical Swedish engineering mindset with focus on smart, cost-effective solutions and unique user-friendliness", Grev concludes.

The next delivery of AqLab to Försvarets materielverk is expected to take place during the first quarter of 2021.





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