Avioniq expands operations in Kista

A flying start as subcontractor for the defense industry. The software manufacturer is hiring to meet demand for AI-based Decision Support Systems for Fighter pilots and Flight controllers, and to boost development of future products.

Avioniq is about to round off its first full year as a subcontractor for the defense industry. So far, 2021 has been dominated by the successful market introduction of Rattlesnaq, Avioniq's AI-based Decision Support System for Fighter pilots and Flight controllers. To meet customer demand and to maintain momentum in the development of future products, the software manufacturer is now hiring two senior developers for its operations in Kista.

"2021 gave us a flying start in our new role as subcontractors for the defense industry. We’re currently hard at work, taking care of deliveries and have several products in our pipeline. Consequently, it’s important to add resources to the development team here in Kista. We’re very happy to welcome Patric Lavén and Stefan Svensson on board," says Mikael Grev, CEO, Avioniq.

Patric Lavén comes from a career as a fighter pilot in the Swedish Air Force, head of the operational section of Flygvapnets luftstridssimuleringscentrum (FOI/FLSC) and civilian pilot. Lavén further strengthens the extensive fighter pilot competence that is Avioniq's hallmark. He takes on the role of Product leader for SIMULAR, a cost-effective and stateof-the-art flight simulator based on Avioniq's aircraft and robot models.

"Avioniq has unique expertise and revolutionary products that offer new opportunities to increase the operational impact for fighter aircraft and flight control systems. I look forward to being part of Avioniq's team and to develop our current and future product range. As a fighter pilot, I know how important it is to be system user focused. With this philosophy, I want to help and support our customers," says Patric Lavén.

Stefan Svensson is an experienced software developer, also with a background at FOI/FLSC. Svensson joins Avioniq as Senior Software Engineer and will play a key role in the development of AqLab, Avioniq's aircraft and robot model configuration software. He will also support Patric Lavén in the development of SIMULAR.

"The role of the Flight simulator in modern military aviation is becoming increasingly important. Primarily, it’s an effective and safe training and exercise tool. On the other hand, they are vital from a global environmental perspective. Each simulator session, that replaces one or more aircraft in the air, gives Armed Forces smaller footprints in the environment," says Stefan Svensson.





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