Avioniq and Saab in collaboration on AI-based decision support for fighter pilots

Former Gripen pilots develop artificial intelligence software for the military aviation arena. A unique combination of expertise facilitates tailor-made products and cost-effective improvements in combat effectiveness.

Avioniq was founded in 2015 by a group of experienced Gripen pilots, computer engineers and doctors in sensor fusion and behavioral science. The company is an innovator in advanced software systems for aircraft, specializing in AI-based decision support for fighter pilots and air combat commanders in the military aviation arena.

The development work is led by co-founder, programmer and former Gripen pilot, Mikael Grev. The main goal is cost-effective improvements to the combat effectiveness of flight systems through strategic and tactical airspace advantage. Excellence in artificial intelligence (AI) goes hand in hand with many years of experience in combat aviation.

Avioniq is now entering into a collaboration with the Swedish defence and security company, Saab. This is based on the products Rattlesnake and AqLab and AqMissile; an intelligent product platform developed by Avioniq.

The collaboration between Avioniq and Saab formally begins on December 8, 2020. At a ceremony to launch the agreement, the two parties were represented by Joachim Hammersland, Vice President, Head of Business Unit Combat Systems and C4I Solutions, Saab, and Mats Helgesson, Director, and Mikael Grev, CEO of Avioniq.

"The system provides additional functionality to Saab's products, giving the operator increased decision support in critical situations", says Joachim Hammersland Vice President, Head of Business Unit Combat Systems and C4I Solutions at Saab.

The agreement with Saab will continue until further notice. The first delivery is expected as early as the current year.

"Reliable and efficient decision support systems is as crucial to modern air combat as flight performance, telecommunications capability and weapons", says Mats Helgesson, Director of Avioniq and former Air Force Chief.

Mikael Grev hails the collaboration with Saab as proof of the strength of the team's unique composition, and the intensive development efforts of recent years.

"Avioniq was founded by Gripen pilots, which affords us a clear advantage in our roles as engineers. We develop systems using our insight into how pilots and air combat commanders think tactically, operationally and strategically during air combat, and how we can best support that thought process."





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