Take the guesswork out of BVR combat training.

Haimdal offers unrivalled accuracy for BVR combat training at the squadron, national and multi-national air operations level.

Train anywhere, with anyone. No pods or ranges required: Avioniq’s missile models and software solutions enable stakeholders to train inclusively and seamlessly with national and international partners using existing data links free from the physical limitations of training ranges and pod hardware integration.

Maintain sovereignty: Haimdal allows users to select their own classification level without degrading training effect. No sensitive data is shared between training partners, and users can quickly adjust classification levels for dynamic training events such as FVEY, NATO, Coalition, etc.

Objective training in the BVR mission space: Current ‘rule of thumb’ training methods introduce levels of subjectivity regarding combat outcomes that risk the wrong lessons being learned, unrealistic outcomes in training exercises and negative training effect. Avioniq modeling technologies are trained on verifiable AI, producing extremely accurate, high-fidelity models that take the guesswork out of hit/miss training exercises in the BVR space, allowing pilots to train in environments that exactly replicate the combat environment.

Simplified integration and force multiplication: Avioniq training applications are designed for a phased approach, allowing users to begin with installation in ground-based C2 assets using existing data links, currently available computing power, and no integration required at the aircraft platform level. Users can grow capability over time across simulators, air platforms, and multi-service air/land/sea assets.





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