Intensified After Action Review capability for live Beyond Visual Range combat training exercises. AiSite provides detailed post-training analysis of blue and red missile shots, and aircraft maneuvers, for increased training effect in the air combat domain.

Reduce the unknown: AiSite deepens learning outcomes for pilots following live training exercises in the Beyond Visual Range combat space.

Beyond hit/miss: Avioniq’s missile model simulations run at 100,000+ times real-time, enabling engagements to be analysed beyond ‘hit/miss’, with outcomes presented as a ‘certainty measure’.

Examine ‘what if’ scenarios: Increase training effect by allowing pilots to understand how the outcome of an engagement would have differed at different altitudes, aircraft speed, firing angle, distance to target and with radar track quality.

Probability calculations: See real-time Monte Carlo simulations of shot perturbations when evaluating engagements for After Action Review. See missile hit probability throughout mission duration represented visually over time.

Scalable and tailored: Avioniq’s AiSite can be deployed as a software only extension to AqModel, Rattlesnaq, or run as a stand-alone capability depending on user need and application.





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